Golf from the Top of the Mind

Golf from the Top of the Mind

"Dr. Crawford's presentation, 'Golf from the Top of the Mind,' was a big hit with our members. The turnout was exceptional and I have heard nothing but rave reviews and requests for him to return."
~ Al Kinkle, General Manager, Lexington Country Club, Ft. Meyers, Florida

We all know that golf is an exacting sport that can be somewhat frustrating at times. What we may not know, however, is that this "frustration” is actually a chemical reaction triggered by a very specific part of our brain. Unfortunately, the tension and loss of focus produced by this response is exactly opposite of what we need in order to play our best golf, and the slices, hooks, lost balls, penalty strokes, blown putts, repeated bunker shots that result only make matters worse.

Not just soft skills, but hard science!

In his presentation, "Golf from the Top of the Mind,” Dr. Crawford goes beyond traditional "relaxation and/or sports psychology” techniques. In fact, he shows participants how to address this problem by actually changing the chemical makeup of their body and shifting to the "Top of their Mind,” or the most intelligent and capable parts of their brain. This allows them to regain control of their thoughts and emotions so that they can bring their best to their game.

Corporate and Event Planners

If you are wanting to add something special to your next corporate golf outing and/or tournament, consider having Dr. Bill present his "Golf from the Top of the Mind" keynote either before the event, or at the awards luncheon or dinner.  Not only will you be adding value to the experience, this educational, yet entertaining presentation has the potential to increase attendance by drawing in those who might not come just for the golf.

Club Managers

Given that you are always looking for ways to provide your members and their guests with exceptional service and value, bringing in Dr. Crawford for an evening of "Golf from the Top of the Mind" should be an event that will have them raving for quite some time.  Plus, Dr. Bill is always open to playing a round or two with members, and helping them bring what they learned to the course.


You don't have to be a large organization to experience "Golf from the Top of the Mind."  Dr. Bill can come right to your home or club, and give you and any number of your friends a presentation that can be individualized to address your specific goals.  From that point, it would be easy to go to the range and/or the course, and apply the information to your game.

Teaching Professionals

If you would like to be able to show your students how to think clearly, deal with frustration, and remember what you taught them, Dr., Crawford's "Golf from the Top of the Mind" system is for you.  No need to be a sports psychologist when you can become certified in Dr. Crawford's simple system and bring this scientific method to those who look to you for help with their game.  Call now to find out how you can become a "Golf from the Top of the Mind Certified Professional," and add this unique system to your teaching tool box.

Bottom line, every golfer knows how important it is to make good decisions and keep their emotions under control if they want to play their best. What they may not know, however, is that these abilities reside in a very a specific part of their brain, and unless they know how to engage this "Top of the Mind" perspective, they will be at the mercy of the frustration inherent in the game. Dr. Crawford's "Golf from the Top of the Mind" is designed to give participants the information they need to succeed in this all important, but little understood area of golf. Call now to discover how to bring this unique presentation to your home, event, and/or club.