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Bill Crawford, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Speaker,
Corporate Trainer, & Executive Coach

If So, We Can Help!

We at Crawford Performance Solutions provide new information that allow organizations and individuals to access their best knowledge and interpersonal skills, regardless of the situation.

Not Just Soft Skills But Hard Science

Drawing on the latest scientific research, Dr. Crawford has uncovered startling new findings that explain how we become TRAPPED in a part of our brain that is incapable of higher-order thinking!

This creates a cycle of reactivity, stress and frustration that only perpetuates the problem and blocks access to the knowledge, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills that are so necessary for success in today's world.

Dr. Crawford has created a step-by-step system that shows participants how to not only break this cycle and shift to the "Top of the Mind," but also maintain this more purposeful perspective and bring a new sense of clarity, confidence, and creativity to everything they do.

Dr. Crawford's 2015/16 Speaking Schedule


August 6th, Texas State University
August 7th, Las Vegas, NV
August 11th, San Diego, CA
August 12th, San Diego, CA
August 13th, San Diego, CA
August 21st, Houston, TX
August 26th, Ottawa, Canada
August 27th, Montreal, Canada
August 31st, Otterbein University


Sept. 1st, Ohio Northern University
Sept. 8th, San Diego, CA
Sept. 9th, San Diego, CA
Sept. 10th, San Diego, CA
Sept. 15th, Houston, TX
Sept. 16th, Houston, TX
Sept. 21st, Shenandoah University
Sept. 22nd, Shenandoah University
Sept. 23rd, Shenandoah University


Oct. 2nd, Santa Barbara, CA
Oct. 7th, Longview, TX
Oct. 15th, San Jose, CA
Oct. 16th, San Jose, CA
Oct. 22nd, Richmond, VA
Oct. 27th, Houston, TX
Oct. 28th, Houston, TX
Oct. 29th, Houston, TX


Nov. 3rd, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov. 4th, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov. 5th, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov. 9th, Houston, TX
Nov. 16th, Houston, TX
Nov. 17th, Charlotte, NC
Nov. 18th, Charlotte, NC
Nov. 19th, Charlotte, NC
Nov. 21st, Dallas, TX


December 2nd, Cincinnati, OH
December 10th, Washington DC
December 15th, Washington DC
December 16th, Washington DC
December 17th, Washington DC



Jan. 6th, Houston, TX
Jan. 13th, Houston, TX
Jan. 19th, Texas State
Jan. 30th, Houston, TX


Feb. 9th Westchester Ct
Feb. 16th Chicago, IL
Feb. 17th, Chicago, IL
Feb. 22nd, Elon University
Feb. 23rd, Elon University
Feb. 25th, Montreal, Canada


March 2nd, Gainesville/Ocala, FL
March 3rd, Gainesville/Ocala, FL
March 8th, Rochester, NY
March 9th, Ottawa, Canada
March 10th, Rochester, NY
March 16th, Napes, FL
March 22nd, Canada
March 23rd, Canada


April 12th, Calgary, Canada
April 13th Calgary, Canada
April 14th, Minneapolis, MN


May 10th, Canada
May 19th, Napa, CA
May 27th, British Columbia


June 2nd, Vancouver, BC
June 15th, Baton Rouge, LA
June 16th, Baton Rouge, LA
June 23rd, Vancouver, BC


July 19th, Edmonton, Alberta
July 20th, Calgary, Alberta


August 19th, Halifax NS
August 24th, Quebec
August 25th, Quebec
August 26th, Quebec


Sept. 13th, Toronto, Canada
Sept. 23rd, Canada
Sept. 28th, Vancouver, Canada


Oct. 14th, Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 17th, Ottawa, Canada
Oct. 19th, Calgary, Alberta
Oct. 21st, Los Angeles, CA


Nov. 9th, San Francisco, CA
Nov. 14th Upstate New York
Nov. 18th, Pacific North West


Dec. 7th, Monterey, CA
Dec. 15th, Bismarck, ND
Dec. 20th, Minneapolis, MN

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