Quotes and Wisdom

Criticism #2
"To 'belittle' is to be little."
~ Unknown
I love the way this "little" quote cuts right to the heart of the issue of criticism., especially the sort of criticism that is really about putting down, or belittling others. The wisdom in this quote is that when someone "belittles" another, the act is really more information about the criticizer than the criticizee. It says that the person who is belittling others is actually demonstrating a lack of (or a "little" amount of) many things.

First, there is a lack of self-confidence. People who feel confident in who they are have no need or desire to belittle others. In fact, feeling good about oneself, and choosing to spend time feeling bad about others is incongruent. People who feel good about themselves actually tend to see the best, and thus bring out the best in others.

Second, there is a lack of awareness. While nobody's perfect, the tendency to "belittle" another is really an indication of a lack of awareness about the other person's qualities and abilities. Most of us are good at some things, and not so good at others. The challenge in almost any relationship, whether personal or professional, is to find people with complementary skills and work with them to create successful families and organizations.

Finally, there is a lack of faith in the energy of love as a guide to how we perceive life. Given that finding fault in others is more about fear than love, a person who belittles is actually trusting fear as a guide to truth and wisdom. Generally, this decision to distrust love is neither truthful nor wise.

Just so that you don't think this is about belittling those who belittle, my hope is that we can all see this tendency in ourselves and others for what it is, simply a lack of self-confidence, awareness, and an inability to trust love as a source of truth and wisdom. When we do, we can use this awareness as good information to decide for ourselves how "big" we want to be.
All the best, Dr. Bill