"We had Bill spend a day with our Leadership Team last week and it was outstanding. In terms of "take home value: real world applicability", this session ranks #1 of the Vistage speakers I've heard."
– Dan Puthoff
Chief Operating Officer
JBM Envelope Co.
"I have always been grateful when I have received a speaker recommendation from a colleague or professional who has worked with a presenter and seen him or her in action. Therefore, I wanted to let you know about an excellent speaker (Dr. Bill Crawford) that we have used at three of our national conferences.

Dr. Crawford holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Houston and is a licensed psychologist, as well as the author of four books, which means he brings a high level of expertise and content to his topics. What makes him so effective as a speaker, however, is the way he translates this information into common language and presents it with energy and humor (in fact, our members keep telling us that his use of humor reminds them of Steve Martin!).

He brings a fresh, scientific perspective to the issues we all face on a daily basis (stress, communication, leadership, dealing with limited resources, diversity, bringing our best to our roles as professionals, etc.) which really seems to resonate with our members, and he has been able to apply this new information to a variety of formats including concurrent sessions, general sessions, and keynotes. This combination of unique content and engaging presentation style has resulted in our continuing to ask him back to speak at our national conferences, as well as his being booked to keynote at least ten of our state conferences. He will also be doing a workshop for our State Auxiliary Presidents at the American Hospital Association Annual meeting in Washington DC.

I can tell you from experience that he is a joy to work with, and has shown consistent flexibility with respect to fees and logistics, which I have greatly appreciated. If he sounds like someone you would be interested in, I encourage you to visit his website ( where you can learn more about his credentials, national press, track record, etc., and even view footage of his second nationally televised PBS special via YouTube! Please feel free to contact me or my assistant if you have further questions."
– Audrey Harris, Executive Director, Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals
Director, AHA Member Relations, American Hospital Association
"Thank you! You need to be nationally syndicated on TV. I would watch your show daily."
– Randall Fryman
Bowne of New York
"Dr. Bill Crawford, was our Keynote Speaker at both the 6th and 9th Global Compliance Solutions' Annual Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance & Financial Crimes Conference in Grand Cayman.

The conference, is the largest of its type in the Caribbean region, and is attended by top-level management both locally and internationally in the Financial Services industry. Dr. Crawford was able to tie his expertise to what was important for our delegates, and it was a brilliant way to start the GCS conference! He captivated everyone with his informative, entertaining, and above all, relevant presentation. They truly appreciated Bill's take on "Getting Others to Get It: Convincing Others of the Importance of Compliance", as can be seen by the comments below:

"Great presentation — very interesting!"

"Excellent speaker — wish I had heard him before now"

"A lively and practical presentation"

"Informative and entertaining"

"Bill gave real points for dealing with people both on the job and personally"

"He got the audience involved. It was a great presentation"

"I enjoyed this presentation so much and it was so relevant to me!"

"What an informative approach to a difficult situation"

"Thought provoking, and at the same time informative"

"Very, very useful topic. I can definitely use this information!"

"I really liked the practical advice given"

"Very interesting presentation"

"Great Speaker — very engaging"

"Informative topic — well presented"

"Very helpful and with good content"

"Very good topic"

"Excellent presentation and the information was very valuable"

While having a psychologist keynote a conference on compliance and anti-money laundering is not the norm, Dr. Crawford's presentation was so well crafted, and presented in such an engaging manner that he turned out to be the perfect speaker to kick off our conference. I heartily recommend him to any conference planner looking for a dynamic opening or closing keynote speaker with a new perspective on dealing with others and bringing our best to life!"
– Karen O'Brien
Managing Partner, Grand Cayman Global Compliance Solutions
Grand Cayman, KY1-1209
Cayman Islands
United Way letter of recommendation
– Stasea N. Waller
Nonprofit Connection Coordinator
United Way
"I am just taking the opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with your presentation of Dealing with Difficult People here at Fort Monmouth. The entire class, 100%, rated the course "Excellent" on our evaluation form. It simply does not get any better than that. Student comments are a virtual thesaurus of superlatives: knowledgeable, energetic, responsive, informative, articulate, motivational; and they wrote that they would "definitely" recommend the course to others.

On a personal level, I want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts to accommodate our specific needs. Your tailoring of course content allowed our employees to apply sound interpersonal skills to their particular environments, personal and professional. Please feel free to share this letter as you deem appropriate. Also, if you would like to refer potential clients to me, I will be happy to provide my unhesitating recommendation."
– Paul Drew, Organization Development Specialist
Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
U.S. Army
"I want to thank you for the excellent job you did for us in keynoting our annual convention. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the over 800 communication specialists who were in attendance. You are able to deliver that rare combination of professionalism, humor and content that will live in the minds of the participants long after the convention has ended. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone looking for a dynamic, powerful speaker!"
– Ron Bender, President
Texas Speech & Hearing Association
"It was awesome! All persons that attended, including myself, have given his training on stress extremely high marks. I have taught a lot of classes over the years in my field and I was totally captivated the entire day. No one was bored and no one wanted to go home but wanted more."
– Brad Burger, Director
Smith County 9-1-1 Communications District
"I thought Dr. Crawford's presentation was way off the charts! Although the entire conference was interesting, Dr. Crawford's was by far the most useful! I look forward to buying his new book!"
– Jan Riley
EEOC, Houston
"I think Dr. Crawford is a phenomenal speaker. I rarely get excited about speakers, instead I get excited about the topics. However, Dr. Crawford has changed that with his presentation at the EEOC conference. I never imagined that I would enjoy a topic, such as "Cultural Diversity" as I did that day. In fact, when I returned to my office I mentioned that I would like to pursue him as a speaker for any upcoming events that we may have in the future."
– Angela Yeager
Town Center Improvement District
"Wonderful, enlightening, powerful speech! Thank you."
– Patricia Dinger, Washington, DC
"It was the highlight of the conference!"
– Nancy Perovic, RN, BSN
University Of Chicago Hospitals, Chicago, IL
Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses Society
15th Annual International Conference
"Loved your vitality, enthusiasm, and animation!"
– James Schiff, Los Angeles, CA
"As our keynote speaker you gave an outstanding presentation that touched even the most cynical in the audience. In the 10 years we have been holding our conference, your presentation has resulted in more positive reactions than any other. I was especially impressed with the number of people who indicated that they were going to make positive changes in their lives. Your audience was not an easy one, and you really, really touched their lives. Thank you!"
– Clare Dowdall, Director
American Lung Assoc. Southwest Region
"You were great! High energy and practical. I was looking for 'real life' responses, and you delivered. Thanks!"
– Jim Crook, New York, NY
"You are an excellent speaker! You quickly involved your audience and won them over in the first minute. Everyone was extremely complimentary and we are looking forward to having you back next year."
– Hazel Higgins, President, Wings Chapter
American Business Women's Assoc.
"Your presentation was the highlight of the conference! A great way to end the week!"
– Mel Yanos, Kona, Hawaii
"All of your presentations have been great successes. I have been consistently impressed with the degree of audience participation and the manner in which your style and subject matter sparked interest in even the most "reserved" participants!"
– M. Kathy Perry, Texaco
"You are fabulous! Thanks for a wonderful, empowering, and uplifting presentation!"
– Debbie Christopher, Memphis TN
"Great presentation! Stimulating, sensitive, powerful, humane."
– Pat Ruzica, St. Louis, MO
"I really enjoyed Dr. Bill's talk. His energy is contagious. I bought the 2 audio tapes and have listened to them in my vehicle numerous times since. I am very excited to receive his quotes via email also. I think he has found an approach to life in general that will help me cope with the multiple stressors of life!"
– Nicole Kirouac-Elke, NC
Winnipeg Children's Hospital
Manitoba, CANADA
"You were great! Law enforcement professionals found your presentation riveting, insightful, eye-opening, and extremely valuable, and these people are hard to please!"
– Karen Williams, Resource Coordinator
Greater Harris County 911 Emergency Network
Houston, TX
"Witty & humorous presentation that made the learning experience worthwhile."
– Holly Freeman, Orlando, FL
"Your fan club continues to grow! The participants in our Summer Camp for Executive Directors gave you rave reviews. Your ability to analyze life's complex problems and offer practical, actionable solutions is truly remarkable and your commonsense approach to managing one's life and one's organization is an inspiration. Thanks again!"
– Ronnie Hagerty, Director, United Way of The Texas Gulf Coast
"I want to take an opportunity to thank you for the time you spent with us here at Medical City. The reaction to your presentations has been wonderful! People are still talking about the "Training & Keeping Good Employees" seminar and many have sought me out to purchase your book! You offer a humorous, light, yet sensible and effective approach to difficult situations. We look forward to working with you in the future and continue to wish you much success!"
– Jeanne Reeves, BS, RN, Director of Medical/Surgical Services
Medical City Dallas Hospital
I really enjoyed your workshop. Are you kin to Steve Martin? You have some of his mannerisms. 'You wild and crazy guy'! ~ (Pam Young)
The workshop was excellent in reference to handling difficult or crisis callers. It allowed me to know of a way to maintain the situation and to get to the problem quickly. I enjoyed the class. ~ (Ruth Ann Davids)
I feel that the workshop was informative on how to communicate better with people who are hostile and disagreeable. This will help dealing with both callers, Balkans and my officers. ~ (Katherine E. Kirbo)
911 is so stressful; it really takes its toll on dispatchers. They need tools to help them feel powerful and in control. Dr. Crawford's models will be easy to remember and easy to use. ~ (Peggy Eason)
Very fun and informative! Great job! Difficult people are hard to deal with. Dr. Crawford taught us how to change the situations and attitudes, theirs and ours. ~ (Laura Estrada)
Best class I've been to in a very long time! Informative - interesting - not boring - cool music. Could sit through class again! ~ (Emma L. Morin)
Very informative on ideas of how to handle suicide calls. Liked clever sense of humor, easily stayed awake, unlike some seminars. Models very informative and feel they will be helpful to me in performing my job. ~ (Pam Ashcroft)
Really enjoyed the course. It was interesting from the time we arrived until it was over!! SUPER! ~ (Bobbie Holbrooks)
Course was interesting. Instructor was excellent. He encouraged a lot of participation. I really liked that he never used the podium. I would like for more of Bill's classes offered in this area. ~ (Luvinia Kautz)
I really enjoyed this class. The course not only helped me at work but I will be able to use this in my all day life. I will live on purpose now. ~ (Margaret D. Golightly)
This workshop was very good in that it made me aware of ways that I need to work on improving my duties as a dispatcher. ~ (JoAnn Reeves)
Was very knowledgeable and you made it very enjoyable. A lot of the topics I feel can be applied in everyday personal life, not just for work. ~ (Beverly Akin)
Very good class. As a person training to become a dispatcher, most of what I learned today will be very helpful. ~ (Pennie Poole)
Good use of humor for gaining and retaining attention. ~ (Cindy Al-Zeyadi)
Have loved the whole workshop. Learned a lot I can pass along to our 40 volunteers. Loved your exuberance! ~ (Phyllis N. Peek)
I really enjoyed your workshop. You have an amazing grasp of the material - your humor really helped keep my level of interest up. Good work. Thanks! ~ (Wayne Chester)
You have made my day! You are very informative, interesting and keep everyone's attention. You're Cool! ~ (Helen Drennan)
I really enjoyed the seminar. I have been to numerous seminars and yours is by far the best. I will always remember the lesson of the "fist" and LEAP. ~ (Jason Harper)
Great class! The "Lesson of the Fist" was a real eye-opener for me. I plan to use that image while working with difficult people. ~ (Lesa Hanssen)
I liked the balance of learning what my reactions to others cause and the way you taught us to try to use "LEAPS" to help us change our reactions. I also like your sense of humor and energy. ~ (Pam Camarata)
I really enjoyed this course. Please don't change the way you teach it. You made it more interesting. Thank you! ~ (Paula Leal)
You're great. Great seminar. Really know how to reach people. I'm motivated and wish there was more. ~ (Marcella Williams)
I very much enjoyed the workshop today. I saw every topic you explained as great separate topics. Then, on your last discussion, you tied in all together. I was amazed at how it all tied together. ~ (Cedlia Portwood)
The workshop was a great experience. I learned a lot and had much fun doing so. It takes a person like yourself to teach this type of class. ~ (Sal Rangel)
This workshop helped me with some of the strange calls we get at the sheriff's office. You made it easy and fun for a difficult job that this can be. ~ (Lela J. Henson)
The presentation was excellent. Dr. Crawford was enthusiastic and was able to keep the attention of all attendees. Very informative and helpful to apply to situations in all walks of life. Thank you! ~ (Gail Otte)
I really liked the idea of brainstorming with people other than our group. Your sense of humor really helped keep it from getting boring. Having handouts so we don't have to take a zillion notes was good. ~ (Chris Whitworth)
Enjoyed your class very much. I was never bored or tired of listening. Exceptional presentation! Thank you! ~ (Sherry Ely)
Bill, I really enjoyed the way you formatted the class. I also commend your enthusiasm on the topic. Cultural diversity is a very important issue in all aspects of our lives. ~ (Roseanne Wisener)
I liked the course content and discussions that came about. Directly effects police/fire/ambulance personnel. Nice, relaxed atmosphere. ~ (Kayanne Lambright)
I have enjoyed Dr. Crawford's presentation and will be able to apply information received in everyday life, not just my occupation. ~ (Loretta Weichert)
The course content was very good. Learned a lot about myself, i.e., awareness of old habits, beliefs, etc., serenity, and mistakes. ~ (Vicki Brodbeck)
Very informative. Makes you stop and think about the many differences there are between people and cultures. ~ (Candy King)
Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I learned ways to look at my reactions that I had not thought of before and learned how to react to people and situations in a way that benefits everyone involved. ~ (Kathy Donovan)
Great! You have so much energy and enthusiasm. Very contagious. Great thoughts and ideas to live by, professionally and personally. Thank you! Regional planning - great hospitality - excellent facilities. ~ (Beth Ann Broughton)
I really enjoyed this seminar! I have gained some knowledge and tools to help me accomplish my goal of how to better deal with difficult callers. Dr. Crawford's presentation was try an enjoyable experience and very informative. I would like to see him back for additional seminars. ~ (Donna Holden)
This was a great class that everyone who is in the law enforcement profession could learn a lot from. One of the best instructors I have seen in a long time. ~ (Jeff James)
I liked the fact that you advised us you didn't know what it felt like to be in our position. I am one of those dispatchers that is hotheaded and rolls her eyes and my voice is very bold. Comes off very strong. You've helped me to listen before assuming. Thanks. ~ (Nancy Lee Chapa)
Really enjoyed the method you used. You made the workshop very interesting. Your mottos were a great help, also the folder you provided will be something we can go back to in the future. Again, great workshop. Job well done. ~ (Alicia Pena)
Great job! The models, drawings, and demonstrations really made the difference. ~ (Ginger Boren)
Great presenter! I enjoyed the topics and the reminders of how I should do my job and why I continue to stay in my career. We are all responsible for our beliefs, actions and should take responsibility for our lives. ~ (Sheri van der Zander)
I have seen the material presented before! But this time it really sunk in and it was the way you presented the material, your energy and plain common sense approach to explaining the material was simple and I enjoyed the seminar and the music. ~ (Amy L. Bergstrom)
People like you make my job(s) so much easier. As an instructor myself, I see a lot of myself as an instructor in you. If I am reaching my students in the same manner in which you are reaching me, then I feel very good about myself as an instructor. Thanks! ~ (Frances Fisher)
The class was very good. Looking forward to trying to use the information and knowledge back at work. 'OUTSTANDING' THANKS. ~ (Charles Gholar)
You gave me a lot of new ideas to take back, not only professionally, but personally. You are a very interesting and entertaining speaker. I've learned a lot about myself and my coworkers. ~ (Sandra K Mata)
This has been a great class. I have heard wonderful comments throughout the day. This is something we all need but has been very informative for dispatchers. ~ (Shelly Cantrell)
The course was presented in a very jolly atmosphere which made the subject easier to understand. The comments and solutions were easy to apply to every day life. The class was a lot of fun. ~ (Regina Roberson)
The course was very valuable. This was the only course that I have been to while working for the Police Dept. that I can take away information and be able to use it in both my job and my personal and home life. Instructor was very informative and interesting. ~ (Cynthia Pope)
Very informative - a lot of fun - kept my attention - great class! ~ (Rene Bunch)
Excellent course - very informative. Excellent job of keeping it interesting and fun! ~ (Carla Burress)
The course was informative and very entertaining. You have a way of making us feel appreciated and valued not only as people but at our jobs. This doesn't happen very often. ~ (Michelle Clark)
The class was great. Words cannot express how much this class helped me not only with my job but also with my teenage Sunday school class. Thanks again! ~ (Ron Owens)
Very entertaining. Brought to light many items that are common sense and should be in the forefront of our minds but sometimes slip through the cracks. ~ (Bill Mullins)
You remind me of Steve Martin! Informative, yet entertaining. ~ (Bonnie Johnson)
I really enjoyed your style and if I could, would love to have you as a counselor. You are easy to understand and really seem that you would make life a lot easier. ~ (Chandra Fourmentin)
I really did enjoy your seminar. I have been to several and this has to have been one of the best. ~ (Tonya Frazier)
Really great class, was not what I expected - BETTER! Great ideas on how to handle difficult callers and good information on suicidal callers. ~ (Janet Jackson)
Your seminar was very energetic, informative and presented very clearly. I believe I can now relate better to the public, offer more assistance and how to have more patience. Thanks! ~ (Cathy Grassman)
You were wonderful! I haven't been to a class that was as interesting, informational and well done. You even kept me awake and paying attention. Thank you! ~ (Michelle Gaydos)
I have enjoyed this class and learned many things to apply to my life. I also believe I'm coming away a better person and dispatcher. Thank you very, very much. ~ (Sandra Webb)
Thank you for your insightful class. This is especially helpful to myself as I know it would be to many others. ~ (Tony Ramski)
Enjoyed the class very much. Found the information presented very helpful with stressful calls and situations and even every day life. ~ (Deedra M. Page)
Very energetic, full of enthusiasm. Enjoyed all lectures. Look forward to applying all approaches. Thanks! ~ (Shannon Tuttoilmondo)
Enjoyed your lecture - thank you! For 911 dispatching, we are responsible to not react to caller's attitude through our training - people expect us to handle emergency situations, that is our job. ~ (Cecelia Noll)
Bill is an excellent speaker. He keeps us all awake and involves us in his teaching. I hope he will come back and present another topic very soon. ~ (Mollie M. Miller)
Excellent, exciting, high energy presenter. He is interested in ensuring the participant understands and has learned material. ~ (Deborah Lane)
Thanks for giving us this day. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn other ways to deal with work and others in my life. ~ (Nancy C. Kennedy)
Very upbeat, informative seminar. You won me over when you said you didn't spell very well. But with your command of speech, you don't need to spell it out. It was nice to see that what I finally learned to do is close to what you were presenting to us. You have the ability to make us really look at ourselves. Thank you Bill for the class. ~ (Judy O. Howard)
I enjoyed the seminar, diagrams and your humor. Great job! ~ (Velma Guadiana)
I enjoyed this seminar very much. Some of the information will aid me in being a better dispatcher, the other information will help me be a better person. ~ (Debbi Carlton)
I really enjoyed the seminar. Something really important that I learned I know that we are in control of our emotions, no one else causes us to feel a certain way. ~ (Kevin Hall)
Dr. Crawford's training is excellent. Taking power and control over our own lives is something we all struggle to do. The information provided us a very complete picture of the issues and the process to attach (or practice) it. The course is very much worthwhile for anyone. ~ (Greg Grigg)
I thought this a very positive and valuable presentation. The instructor was very entertaining. ~ (Karen MacDonald)
I think the class was great. It not only helps you deal w/ problems at work but also with everyday situations. ~ (Kelly Castillo)
Bill is a very interesting motivational speaker and instructor. I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot of things to take with me in my job and life. I would like to see him come back at anytime. ~ (Wesley Hicks)
I enjoyed the class a lot. It gave me information to work with that I will be able to apply to daily living. ~ (Tonya Grimes)
Loved this class. First time I actually learned something in a stress management class. ~ (Carolyn Tanner)
Thank you for coming back. Once again it was very informative and enjoyable. Great lessons for life. ~ (Shelly Cantrell)
Very interesting and helpful information for handling people, whether in the work place or the calls we take. ~ (Betty Davis)
Dr. Crawford is an excellent instructor. The information he gave us is very helpful to me and will be good when applied to my life. ~ (Linda Brown)
Worthwhile/uplifting, fresh! ~ (Charlotte Durdem)
I learned a lot of things from the presentation about how to handle difficult people. Dr. Bill's excellent, nice and funny! ~ (Cheay Laurea)
I think your presentation was excellent. I like your material; I'm interested in becoming a better person. However, I have a very busy schedule. I wish I had more time in life to perfect myself. ~ (Chris Kase)
Very interesting and thought provoking. ~ (Cindy Montera)
You are an excellent speaker. I learned a lot of things on how to handle difficult person. ~ (Angelina Chavez)
Lots of real information than can be used and applied to daily patient care. Excellent speaker, kept the audience involved. ~ (Carol Pierce)
This presentation has been helpful for me for dealing with difficult people in my work place and I'll apply what I've learned with our customers. ~ (Catherine Trainor)
Super! Your humor really helped me realize how to overcome being overwhelmed! Thanks! You have great talent as a speaker! ~ (Anonymous)
The most useful seminar on "stress" I have been to. Thanks! ~ (Anonymous)
Thank You! Very inspiring. One of the best I've ever attended. Very practical and useful. ~ (Anonymous)
Loved it! Very informative and entertaining. ~ (Anonymous)
Fantastic info that was helpful. ~ (Anonymous)
Excellent! ~ (Anonymous)
Great! Hope to use this!!! ~ (Anonymous)
I truly enjoyed this seminar. Bill, you were so "down to earth" and just told everything as it is! I feel like there's a new method to deal with "the madness" of our world! Thanks so much! ~ (Beverly Meyer)
Excellent! Helpful in every aspect of life. ~ (Joyce McKee)
Thanks! A very Spiritual approach. I got it. ~ (Nancy Abercrombie)
Great! ~ (Edie Porter)
This seminar was really worth attending, although I do feel that our firm should insist that everyone attend (not just staff). I look at this firm as a relationship - and if only one part of that relationship gets exposed (staff) to this invaluable information and choices, only half of the firm will be able to benefit from it. It's a two-way street. We are the lucky ones though having had the opportunity to attend. Thanks for bringing the seminar here and making it available to me. Learned a lot and had fun! What a great combination. :) ~ (Anonymous)
I really thought Dr. Crawford was a very good speaker, his presentation was clear and I'm looking forward to find some time to read his books soon. Thanks to Lisa and Mary also for putting it together for all support staff. Thanks for taking care of us. ~ (Anonymous)
I was impressed with the material Bill covered and found the whole experience very positive. ~ (Anonymous)
I wish it could have been longer. ~ (Anonymous)
Dr. Crawford was knowledgeable and entertaining. Maybe a little too over the top for my liking, but effective nonetheless. ~ (Anonymous)
Dr. Crawford was excellent. He is obviously a very experienced psychologist, and very quick on his feet with good answers to questions. He was also very funny and entertaining. He had the kind of personality that encouraged open discussion about the problems people encounter in life. I noticed that people were not reluctant to talk about personal issues, because they sensed they were in good, knowledgeable hands. You could incorporate his ideas not just into the workplace, but into every moment of your life. It was a very valuable and worthwhile seminar. ~ (Anonymous)
I really appreciate the opportunity presented to us secretaries. I know LAs, LACs get opportunities to other seminars like this as part of their CLE, but it was really nice to be included - made me feel like yes you are part of the firm. A real acknowledgement. Verbal acknowledgements are great, but actions speak just as loud if not louder sometimes. ~ (Anonymous)
Lots of valuable information - gave me options for dealing with a problem at work. ~ (Anonymous)
His 5 steps were very good and I also liked that people gave Bill situations and asked him to respond. ~ (Anonymous)
I really thought that the biological information regarding limbic and neocortex systems was interesting, and I enjoyed meeting a couple of new people. It is also interesting to hear the different perspectives of the people that you work around everyday. ~ (Anonymous)
The seminar reminded me of the things that I, as a person, would like to aspire to be. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in our daily routines and forget how to look at situations in a more positive light. ~ (Anonymous)
I think the fact that Bill invited audience participation was particularly valuable in his presentation. Giving people the opportunity to express their own personal challenges and hearing Bill's recommended responses to those challenges was helpful and made the presentation's principals applicable to everyday life. ~ (Anonymous)
I think it was really great that we could all come together for a seminar like this - I think it hit home for a lot of people, and made people feel special and that's community building all in itself (and in such a different way from a happy hour or something). ~ (Anonymous)
It was valuable to have an opportunity to share thoughts and concerns with each other and learn or refresh ways to practice the art of self-control. ~ (Anonymous)
I thought the presentation was interesting, had a good pace and was well planned. The group exercise was fun and came along at just the right time in the presentation. After sitting for a couple of hours, it really seemed to re-energize everyone! To provide some constructive feedback. ~ (Anonymous)
Our speaker was a very nice and personable man...great choice! ~ (Anonymous)
I thought it was great! ~ (Anonymous)
I thought is was very informative. It gave me ideas on how to deal with difficult coworkers. ~ (Anonymous)
Dr. Crawford is filled with humor when speaking to his attendees. His presentation breakdown is filled with lots of valuable information that can be applied in many complex situations. This seminar was not a boring seminar, not one bit! ~ (Anonymous)
I liked his energy and enthusiasm. Great use of music, quotes, attractive presentation. Good involvement of participants. ~ (Anonymous)
Enjoyed his enthusiasm. ~ (Anonymous)
Great presentation. High energy! ~ (Anonymous)
He is a very enjoyable speaker - never boring and always open to anyone's comments or questions. Never made you feel like you were being analyzed! ~ (Anonymous)
I thought it was good and applicable in almost every circumstance. ~ (Anonymous)
Very funny man. It was a joy to attend. ~ (Anonymous)
The speaker was wonderful. ~ (Anonymous)
The presentation was 'excellent.' ~ (Anonymous)
Excellent class. Reminded me of skills I frequently forget to deploy when in stressful situations in all aspects of life. ~ (C. J. Cameron)
Very nice workshop. Presented in a fun way, but quite informative. I hope to utilize some of this personally. I'll try tonight if I wake up in the middle of the night. ~ (Marilyn Kowalski)
Very worthwhile workshop. Will recommend to others. ~ (Tim Leite)
The workshop really helped me to get to know my new team. That was great!! ~ (Haris Rahi)
Got some very positive inputs from this talk on dealing with day-to-day problems. Some positive inputs on using energy positively. ~ (Devashish Pataak)
I enjoyed the talk. I needed the information. ~ (Cindy Ottenbacher)
Value 10 - This is bottom-line - a must for any organization. It brings to the surface communication issues vital to success. If embraced by organizations and individuals it can only enhance personal and corporate wellness.
Recommend 10 - Fundamental building block for personal/professional success and wellness. ~ (Brian Carr)
For once in my life I have learned something that will change my life. ~ (Joseph W. Humann)
This course was excellent! Bill, your humor really made it interesting and fun to be there. I have been on stress overload - this is very helpful. ~ (Joan Bly)
Thank you for presenting this information and making it easy for the "non-psychologists" to understand. I will try to incorporate these ideas into my daily life. ~ (Kimberly Selstad)
'Thanks for sharing!' Seriously, we are in a high-stress industry and you may single-handedly have prevented someone from going POSTAL! ~ (Steve Singleton)
For circumstances relating to the topic of this seminar, Human Resources crammed this down my throat. Well, Ha-Ha on me. This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended and easily the most practical. ~ ((Name deleted for obvious reasons))
Very much enjoyed the class. The high energy was very refreshing. Will recommend this to my friends. ~ (Danny Smith)
Bill, I usually hate seminars but I have to say this has been great. I must commend you on the way you deliver the information in an entertaining way that helps keep everyone focused and the content is very informative and insightful! ~ (Don Williams)
Thanks so much for such an enjoyable seminar. You not only taught me how to begin coping w/ stress but how to make good decisions for myself when dealing with others. I have made bad decisions recently but I will try to think how I can make better choices in the future using your steps. (Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently - words to live by). ~ (Dawn McCutcheon)
I enjoyed the course and the instructor, Bill Crawford. ~ (Rob Lynch)
I really enjoyed your class. It was very informative. Thank you very much. ~ (Joe Pineda)
Thanks for a worthwhile day. ~ (John Sartori)
Bill was great and the class was helpful. Would love to here more about working with different personality types as well. ~ (Diane Walls)
What I liked the most was you never said not to be angry but instead asked if it serve my purpose in life. It gave me a completely different perspective. The class helped me to do a recheck of myself, my priorities and what is not. ~ (Carol Fix)
The class was enlightening. Everyone seems to really participate and use their personal situations as examples in the class. The involvement was great! ~ (Tenisa Mills-Sherman)
I loved your teaching style. You were great. Keep up the good work! Thanks! ~ (Kim Echois)
Once again an enjoyable experience. ~ (Stew Schuler)
Very good points about how we react towards stress. I never thought about me being hired to deal with stress. I like the Ask and Imagine parts of 'BRAIN'. ~ (Lynn L. Shannon)
I found the concept of stress being a warning signal to be intriguing. I'll try to always keep that in mind. ~ (Jeffre Wyatt)
I look forward in using the techniques like change and advice. I'm interested in the "How To Get Kids to do What You Want"! ~ (Cathy A. Rodriguez)
Excellent! ~ (Cheryl Torres)
This was a very knowledgeable class and I think will be useful in the future in my personal and work life. ~ (Mary Jo Davila)
Bill - thank you so much for an enjoyable day! ~ (Diane Henry)
Great job today! ~ (Don Campbell)
I love your energy. I learned a lot from you today. I'm dealing with a lot of stress daily, both at work and at home, and this class will be instrumental in how I deal (or choose) to deal with it. I hope you come back very soon. ~ (Connie Richey)
Thanks for being so attuned to our needs (physical ones, too) and making the seminar so personalized and meaningful. ~ (Elizabeth Sheppard)
Great job! Would love to attend another or your presentations! ~ (Brenda Triana)
Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the aids used in presenting the information. ~ (Sheryl Dronet)
Value (10) of great value. I'm sure I'll be able to handle stressful situations much better. Recommendation (10) I will definitely recommend people invite you to speak to groups. Thank you! Worth getting up and losing sleep for! ~ (Vickie Slabbaert)
I found the stress reducing ideas very interesting and I am excited to try them out. I believe this seminar has great significance. Recommendation - I believe that most would benefit from the tools offered by this seminar. ~ (Sam Phillippi)
The quotes are fantastic and the tools are excellent as well. They are going to take practice. This should be a standard course for everyone along with the quality class! ~ (Jay McIntosh)
What I enjoyed about this workshop was I was taught to understand and deal with stressful conflicts inside and out the work place. I will also encourage all my coworkers to attend this workshop. Thank you. ~ (Kimberly Minifee)
I found this seminar very helpful. I just hope that I will be able to implement the techniques into my daily life. Now I have a good idea of the concepts I just need to change my daily habits (which will not happen overnight). Thanks for the advice. ~ (Jamie Daughty)
Excellent speaker! Extremely outgoing, personality makes course enjoyable. Wonderful, helpful tips! Your relationship between stress and diarrhea was very amusing. ~ (David Furman)
I really enjoyed the stress/dealing with difficult people seminar. The material was presented in an easy-to-remember manner. It will be used in other areas of my life, hopefully. ~ (Scottie West)
Excellent presentation. Bill was both knowledgeable and entertaining. ~ (Brendon Barker)
BILL - Thank you! You need to be nationally syndicated on TV. I would watch your show daily. ~ (Randall Fryman)
Thank you for going beyond the class by giving us the books and your number. Great class and you are a great instructor and a pleasant person. It was an honor to have you teach this seminar. ~ (Husain Ansar)
Dr. Crawford - I really enjoyed your class. I know it will help me to succeed in life and in my future. ~ (Frank Beharovic)
Thanks - it was a great learning experience. ~ (Carol Verdicchio)
A great resource for me to look and think and feel about myself and my job! ~ (Tim Sansverie)
Excellent presentation and discussion! ~ (Robert Park)
You are a great speaker. I love the way you get your ideas across! ~ (Debbie Marroquin)
Excellent material/presentation! ~ (John Nichols)
Very good speaker. Enjoyed the session! ~ (Kimberly M. Pinkney)
Great! ~ (Renita Thomas)
Very good speaker. Enjoyed the session! ~ (Kimberly M. Pinkney)
Great! Again!! ~ (Judy A. Martin)
Very good presentation! ~ (Lisa Johnson)
Once again - very good! ~ (Bert Peters)
I LOVED IT!!!!!!! I hope to be able to get Dr. Crawford over to the Omni Hotel real soon. ~ (Melinda Taylor, Omni Houston Hotel)
Dr. Crawford's presentation was wonderful! I really enjoyed it and felt it to be very informative! He really kept my attention! Great speaker! His presentation was the highlight of the conference! ~ (Mitzi Neal, Diamond Offshore)
I enjoyed Bill's presentation very much. I'll be able to use much of what he discussed in my work with employees throughout our organization. I also bought From Chaos to Calm and All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go. ~ (Cathy Coleman, SCI Management)
I think Dr. Crawford is a phenomenal speaker. I rarely get excited about speakers, instead I get excited about the topics. However, Dr. Crawford has changed that with his presentation at the EEOC conference. I never imagined that I would enjoy a topic, such as "Cultural Diversity" as I did that day. In fact, when I returned to my office I mentioned that I would like to pursue him as a speaker for any upcoming events that we may have in the future. Therefore, if you have any literature/pricing for his speaking services, I would like to have some emailed or mailed to me. As you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and gave him an "EXCELLENT" in all areas. Keep up the good work! ~ (Angela Yeager, Town Center Improvement District)
I thought his presentation was great. Very useful information and a very dynamic speaker. I would have liked more time for Q&A so that we could see his theories applied to real life situations. ~ (Mary Elizabeth McComas, ExxonMobil Chemical Company)
Bill was awesome. ~ (Clayton Smith)
I thought Dr. Crawford's presentation was way off the charts! Although the entire conference was interesting, Dr. Crawford's was by far the most useful! I look forward to buying his new book! ~ (Jan Riley)
I thought the presentation was very good and in fact I would like to receive some material about other programs that Dr. Crawford offers. ~ (Jo Ann Sparkma, ALSTOM Power Inc.)
Dr. Crawford's presentation was dynamic and enlightening. It is very much in line with training that The Minute Maid Company is currently requiring of all its managers. I rated it the best part of the two day seminar. I also recommended that in the future, they move him to after lunch on either day because of his level of energy. He would be good for those who dose off. I have also been meaning to visit his (your) web site to read some of the quotes. ~ (Tom Boudreaux, The Minute Maid Company)
I greatly enjoyed the presentation by Dr. Crawford. It was very down to earth, and very applicable for today's stressful environments. I know the others at our table truly enjoyed his program. I purchased both books for sale that day, and I am looking forward to reading them. I will be on vacation next week, and that will be a good time to jump in. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. The evaluations at our table were top notch for Dr. Crawford and we look forward to another presentation in the future, wherever that may be! ~ (Anonymous)
I thought Dr. Crawford was an excellent speaker. He was very informative, as well as humorous at the same time. I enjoyed the conference, and all the speakers, but Dr. Crawford was by far my favorite. I appreciate you following up with me on my opinion of his presentation. ~ (Jamie E. Bohmann, CIMARRON)
Dr. Crawford was fantastic! What else can I say? I'm currently reading his book "All Stressed Up and Nowhere to Go". Wish I had the energy that he had during his presentation and even following it when everyone was standing in line getting his books. I've already presented his name to our director, who in turn passed it on to a friend of his who was looking for a motivational speaker. Feel that we will be considering Dr. Crawford sometime in the future for various topics to present within our organization. ~ (Margaret H. Schultz, Apache Corp.)
I enjoyed Dr. Crawford's presentation very much. My impressions are that Dr. Crawford's presentation was the highlight of the seminar. In fact, I had indicated on the cards we turned in that I would be very interested in receiving more information on the leadership and team building training Dr. Crawford offers. ~ (Dwight Burcham, Paslode)
Dr. Crawford is very inspiring. I tend to be a peacemaker/counselor by nature although I have had no formal training (excluding various seminars inclusive of sessions like Dr. Crawford's). I very seldom have a problem getting someone to open up and getting to the root of the problem, but it is when I know that they may need to look at themselves and are dead set they are right....that I do not know quite how to help in the situation. One thing that I have learned, is that if you do not approach it right, that person immediately shuts down and any hope of helping the situation is generally lost. Many times, I am approached by my supervisors, coworkers, family and friends with situations asking for my advise or they are complaining or upset and I see they really need to take a deeper look at the situation. Dr. Crawford's session was very helpful in how to handle many of these situations. I would have to say the most valuable lesson I learned, was how to share with someone a way of looking at themselves in a positive way (while at the same time getting a point across). He referred to this in an example of dealing with upper supervision, however, this can be used in any situation. Dr. Crawford is a dynamic speaker who keeps your interest and has a lot of very helpful life lessons to offer in how to help others as well as ourselves. Knowing how to handle situations in a positive way... is always best for everyone involved. My heart's desire has always been to help others and I always appreciate the opportunity to learn anything to assist me in doing this properly in a positive, productive manner. One thing I have learned along the way, the act of helping someone else always helps oneself. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share. ~ (Connie DeSha, Lamar University & Lamar Institute of Technology)
Bill, once again a great program was able to refocus my stress thought process. ~ (Tom E. Blackwell)
Very helpful. Second time I've seen the program. Loved it both times. ~ (Bradley Myers)
Enjoyed the workshop. I have put LEAP into action many times. ~ (Tricia Hogan)
The energy and entertaining style in which your subject is presented allows the audience to be receptive and the hand out material completes a very innovative approach to such an important aspect of our lives. ~ (Glenda Balentine)
Extremely informative - great material for us to take home. Great ideas we can implement. Great speaker!!! ~ (Rudy Telles, Sr.)
A wonderful and interesting topic delivered w/ great energy and presentation. ~ (Laura Riley)
A wonderful seminar with many helpful suggestions. The animated presentation made the afternoon interesting. It set the stage for me to go back to the office ready to lead the staff forward and embrace change. ~ (Yvonne Evilsizer)
I felt I was losing control before the seminar and now feel that I can take back control. I think sometimes a reinforcement seminar helps bring our perspective back. ~ (Jane Good)
This is my second seminar w/ you and it has been as informative as the first - I have new ideas and will do a self "re-evaluation" for self improvement. ~ (Lynn Hudler)
Great seminar. Valuable information in an accessible format. ~ (Marianne Merritt)
The seminar was very helpful. Bill is a great speaker and hilarious body language. He makes it very informative and funny. I think that's important. ~ (C. J. Pfau)
I found the seminar extremely valuable and interesting. It was also presented in a very entertaining fashion. Bill is an excellent public speaker. This information will certainly help improve 'quality of life'. ~ (Christine Taylor)
Found this a valuable seminar. It was a wake up call to take care of my mental self to live and love longer - my life is worth it. ~ (Anonymous)
Information is useful in my dealing with customers but I feel it will be even more useful in dealing with staff and family. ~ (Lea Fendley)
Great insight to myself and how I handle things. I use many of ideas but learned several new ones. I love the music during breaks -- soothing. ~ (Donna Cleveland)
Excellent presentation. Topics were truly relevant to our work experiences. ~ (Allen Parker)
The seminar was very uplifting. We don't usually take an opportunity to analyze the behaviors that cause our stress and the ways to deal with it. The suggestions were eye-opening and potentially very valuable - all we have to do is apply them. ~ (Tracy Mincuff Horne)
My approach with my work and old habits will greatly enhance my life outside of work (home - kids) if I embrace what I've learned here. Thank you! ~ (Carol Bellamy)
Awesome - What more can you say besides BREATHE!! ~ (Sherry Parker)
I really enjoyed the seminar - living in an "AA" home (even though I'm not one of the fellowship) I have found that the Serenity Prayer and the beliefs and practices of AA can get me through even the most stressed situations and really helps me "defuse". ~ (Susan Boesch)
Outstanding, yet informative. Insightful, beneficial for our very stressful work environment. Appreciate the demonstrative and animated presentation. Thank you! ~ (Tony Chavez)
This is the second time I've heard Bill and it was new all over again. Great information with practical application. ~ (Lynn Lentscher)
Very helpful. Put many everyday reactions into perspective. Very entertaining and not boring. Helped me absorb the information. ~ (Debra Hicks)
I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. You were great and I feel I gained a lot of valuable information. Very uplifting. Thank you! ~ (Christine Stitt)
Seminar was very helpful. Great content - enriching - best I have heard in a long time. I don't want to forget a thing. ~ (Jim Heath)
Perhaps we could work on a "living with a purpose" facilitating model. There is a lot of power with a sense of purpose when struggling with adversity. ~ (Charles Gremminger)
BRAIN is a great antidote and good idea, especially the diarrhea treatment. ~ (Judy Sin)
This is a very helpful presentation for us ... not only for the patient's satisfaction but for our own self. It helps us to realize that we have a purpose and to be positive in a stressful situation. ~ (Ruby Friginal)
Excellent!! More practical, easy to understand , fun and absolutely REAL! ~ (Luisa Jumalon)
Excellent presentation. Valuable coping mechanisms and tools to improve yourself. I can see a need as having this program to be the tools to drive our customer service program. ~ (Paula Reed)
It is very interesting and educable presentation. I heard so many new things to how to improve my nursing career. It is really worthwhile. Thank you for giving me an excellent opportunity to attending this presentation. ~ (Suja George)
I think your presentation was excellent. I like your material. I'm interested in becoming a better person, however, I have a very busy schedule. I wish I had more time in life to perfect myself. ~ (Chris Kase)
Excellent! ~ (Karen Moon)
Very interesting and thought provoking. ~ (Cindy Montera)
I enjoyed the presentation. Let's do it again. ~ (Melinda Morrow)
The presentation has been meaninful. This will certainly help in my daily personal and professional life. ~ (Albertha Senior)
God Bless! This should be an annual presentation at Columbia/West Houston Medical Center. ~ (Gloria Mann)
Good job. Keep it up. Very impressive. 100%! ~ (Marjorie Mcmillon)
This presentation is very useful and excellent in handling patients who are difficult. I learned a lot from this presentation which was very useful in my field of interest. ~ (Albert Oncog)
This presentation has been helpful for me for dealing with difficult people in my work place and I'll apply what I've lerned with our customers. ~ (Catherine Trainor)
Extremely informative and will help me in my daily life. I appreciate this, and I needed to "re-boot" my attitude toward everything. Thank you.
~ (Kim Birch)
The presentation is very beneficial and interesting. ~ (Duc Le)
You were great. Thanks Bill! You're great HR for West Houston Medical Center. ~ (Hannah Kumakeh)
This presentation has been so valuable and quite educational. It enlightens me more on human relationships. Thanks, Bill for all the ideas and solutions! ~ (Wilmore Ola)
Thank you for all the inputs, the tricks to keep focus on patient's satisfaction at the same time not overloading myself with all the stress in dealing with it. ~ (Virginia Rodil)
The presentation helped me be more aware of who I really am and how I dealt with people/person and situations. ~ (Evelyn Gonzales)
This presentation is very worthwhile attending because of the multi-faceted knowledge and information Bill shared with us. ~ (Fe Valen)
You are great! I learned a lot on your topics. Hope to see you in the future. It's really valuable in dealing with our daily life. ~ (Mary Ann Custouio)
Conference highlight! To be uplifting and encouraging at the very end of it. ~ (Mel Yanos)
You are fabulous! Thanks for a wonderful presentation that is empowering and uplifting. You are the perfect end to my classes. ~ (Paula Miskiewicz)
Dynamic speaker! Thanks or your help in making me be a better person. ~ (Debbie Christopher)
Excellent program! You touched on a subject of importance with great information and fun! I stayed awake through the whole seminar!! ~ (Cecilia Graeding)
In today's workplace, spiritual balance of a person helps, such as meditating before going to work. ~ (R. P. Rama)
Great talk! Very interesting concept to deal with stress. ~ (Pat Ruzicka)
As I told you earlier, I am such a fan! My only wish is that my husband could have been present at your seminar - I think a cassette would be helpful for him. ~ (Sue Porter)
Very helpful information. Great method of delivery. I enjoyed this very much. ~ (Liz Grindell)
Excellent! Entertaining and meaningful. A different thing for us accountants - Nice change of pace. ~ (Karen Albright)
Great session. You are very interesting and entertaining. ~ (Kathryn Pringle)
Fun! Fun! Fun! I am always so concerned about people and things that are happening around me. You showed me to use influence instead. Thanks! ~ (Annabelle Bailey)
I enjoyed both your sessions very much. I will be able to bring more serenity into my life from some of your suggestions. ~ (Shannon McCollough)
Good flow and continuity. Great singing. Gave seminar a different twist. ~ (Johnny Hatcher, Jr.)
Thanks for reinforcing the importance of handling stressful situations relatively easy. ~ (Ethna Harris)
I thought you were great. ~ (Lisa Bolognese)
Second time was even better than the first. Great presentation! ~ (Joe Granucci)
Excellent seminar - you kept my attention! Keep up the good work! ~ (Sabine G. Foster)
Excellent presentation. Keeps everyone interested. ~ (Diane L. Hart)
You are right, I'm not happy being a procrastinator. Any suggestions or books to help overcome this problem. Thanks! ~ (Tom Trotta)
I really enjoyed your sessions. I know this will help in my life. ~ (Susan Hagedorn)
You are too cool! ~ (Joy Hancock)
Extremely helpful information. ~ (Jeanne Goodyear)
I saw you last year. Again, you are 'GREAT'. ~ (Peter D. Cavitt)
Great session!! Thanks for the insights. ~ (Lynn McEwen)
Very good stuff! I still need to determine how to judge losers (in a sales organization)! ~ (Tom Leavesley)
You are a very entertaining and energetic speaker. Thank you! ~ (Elaine M. Wahl)
I thoroughly enjoyed your session. It was the highlight of the conference for me. ~ (Sandra Wilson)
You are very energetic and were able to keep my attention which is not an easy thing. ~ (Vivian Hilliard)
Great speaker! I was interested through out the whole seminar with your quotes, personal stories and content. ~ (Josette E. Firriolo)
Excellent - gave me insight into myself and how I create a lot of my own stress by refusing to take control of how I react to stress. ~ (Janet L. Maheras)
Bill - your presentation is excellent and pertinent to so many of us. You are vivacious and interesting. I love your sense of spontaneity. ~ (Mary Watkins)
I love the BRAIN - POWER tool... great reminder to be responsible. The song was fun too!! I love your sense of "joy" in your life. Thank you! ~ (Nanci Moore)
Very energetic and real! Real life examples and a real life set of solutions. ~ (Anonymous)
I never used LaMaze training for childbirth but I use it all the time at work! Here's a quote "It's not what happens to you but how you respond that makes you what you are." Good session. Thanks! ~ (Key Larrison)
Are you paid by the word? :-) High energy for Monday a.m. Thanks! ~ (Michael Carcieri)
Thank you! ~ (Bill Drexler)
Great way to begin a conference - motivational! Hopefully I can follow through! ~ (Cynde Flanagan)
Good perspective or way (different way) to present the message. Like the guitar thing. ~ (Tom Snodgrass)
Don't change a thing! Very interesting! ~ (Shari Russ)
Bill Crawford is an excellent speaker. I took a pain pill before the session that normally makes me sleepy but he was so informative and funny I did not feel sleepy at all. He's great! ~ (Linda F. Walker)
Excellent. Motivating. Great, very visual examples! ~ (Susan New)
I am truly impressed with Dr. Crawford's presentation. I think we ALL benefited in one way or another from this workshop. If I have problems or stress factors that may arise beyond my control, I will probably call Dr. Crawford's office for an appointment. ~ (Desi J. Griffin)
Very valuable information. I look forward to putting it into practice. ~ (Anne Goldsmith)
Very funny, relaxing. I even forgot I was hungry! ~ (Judy Rizzo)
Terrific! We should invite families to this seminar! ~ (Cal Springer)
Very enjoyable. We were given some tools to help deal with stress. ~ (Teresa Brown)
Good information provided for work place and daily living. ~ (Glenda Deese)
I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It has helped me both in my business life as well as my personal. ~ (Beverly Armstrong-Modique)
Seminar was wonderful with loads of helpful information that can be applied to home, work, church or anywhere else. ~ (Ellen J. Porter)
I feel that I now will have some control in my life! ~ (Janice Albright)
It was a great opportunity to learn how to deal with stress, especially the negative don't is not the way - be positive in the way you respond - was great. ~ (Jo Ann Grimsinger)
Very good - very motivating - can we do this weekly? ~ (Lisa Beene)
This was very enjoyable and informative. Your points were well made. ~ (Steve Walling)
You were great again. This came at a perfect time in our careers. Thanks! ~ (Jolene Taylor)
I want to take an opportunity to thank you for the time you spent with us here at Medical City. The reaction to your presentations has been wonderful! People are still talking about the "Training & Keeping Good Employees" seminar and many have sought me out to purchase your book! You offer a humorous, light, yet sensible and effective approach to difficult situations. We look forward to working with you in the future and continue to wish you much success! ~ (Jeanne Reeves, BS, RN, Director of Medical/Surgical Services, Medical City Dallas Hospital)
Very valuable and informative presented in a fun way. ~ (Peter McManus)
Very informative and entertaining. Good presentation, well organized. ~ (David Martinez)
Informative, gives and teaches options understanding relating to peers and subordinates in positive fashion. ~ (Sebastian Rodriguez)
I really enjoyed the perspective Dr. Bill had on how to deal with difficult people. I strive on staying positive in all situations but this just reinforced it. He's very energetic and I really love all he had to say. ~ (Candice Rentfrow)
Effective presentation. The material is relevant and helpful. The speaker did a nice job of presenting the information in an easy to understand way. ~ (Bruce Dzinaski)
Very informative - Looking forward to the rest of the seminars. ~ (Juan Gonzalez)
Interesting theories - valuable insight. ~ (Frank Villanueva)
Training should be often. Material and trainer are beneficial. ~ (Juan Carlos Rayes)
Great presentation! I feel that these trainings will be the key to our future success. ~ (Ed Sadberry)
I found the information very useful in work and at home. Bill was excellent conveying the message. I will use the information. Very good seminar. ~ (Daniel Gross)
Brought to my awareness things like - listen, understanding, solving, respect for myself and employees. ~ (John Noel)
There was a lot of important topics that was discussed that's actually happening at The Men's Wearhouse. I hope it will bring a change for us. ~ (Janice J. Harris-Jones)
I thought the workshop very, very informative in that it showed us how our subconscious behavior often works against us and how to better cope with problems. ~ (Gary)
Excellent on the overall presentation. I truly believed I learned a lot about how to respond to different employee situations. Next time let's discuss more about the importance of teamwork between regular staff and the management team. ~ (Marco A. Arreola)
Had an enjoyable time, learning new ideas in how to evaluate employees, then practicing on how to adapt them to different emotions and behaviors. Very interesting. ~ (Kenneth England)
The structured yet easiness and casual presentation of the material. Speaker was energetic and comfortable presenting the material. Speaker directed and lead the presentation; however gave created discussion and interactive environment. ~ (A. Nichole Brooks)
These two days have been very breathtaking due to Mr. Bill knowing his stuff. ~ (Gloria Garcia)
This will make me to better understand my coworkers and apply my skills a lot more effectively at the Men's Wearhouse. ~ (Thomas G. Richard)
Very informative, raises the awareness of unconscious ways we in management approach employees when they are negative. I like the positive approaches that were demonstrated. Great job! ~ (Milton Pinto)
Great information! I liked the following material: Personality assessment - The Cycle of Professionalism - LEAP ~ (Fernando R. Juarez)
Really enjoyed the seminar. Learned a lot of valuable management skills such as not to use excessive force with employees when communicating with them. In addition, to be more professional. ~ (Romel Khan)
Valuable. Lots of information on how to treat our employees in a good respective way, and at the same time apply all this information to change any areas we might need to. ~ (Rolando A. Quintavilla)
This was the most informative workshop I have attended. The Problem Solving and decision making solutions and ideas I think will help me in a lot of ways become better at my job and managing my people. ~ (Bruce A. Webber)
Informative techniques on how we, as a company, can change our values for a better and safe workplace, by using the basic steps that Bill talked about in his seminar. ~ (T. Yun Guirt)
Very valuable information on how to deal with my own tendencies and how to deal with people or employees who are difficult. ~ (Donald Malone)
I really liked the approach that you took in presenting the material! ~ (Michael J. Webber)
You did a wonderful job and I don't think it could have been done any better. ~ (Lydia Byrd)
This seminar will help great with coworkers and customers and also in parenting skills. ~ (Linda Hall)
The "A" in LEAPS - I never thought of this before. I feel that this seminar was very informative - not only in the work place but also in daily life (relationships/children). ~ (Adelaida Flores)
Very good - visually keeps your attention. Very amusing and in plain English! Thanks! ~ (Nancy Bolks)
Keep on doing what you are doing. ~ (Bernice Jarmon)
I enjoyed your seminar. I think you're a great speaker. ~ (Yondell Johnson)
Excellent information. Amazing to see you interacting with group and actually changing the people. Would love to attend more of your seminars. ~ (Cynthia Carter)
Excellent and energetic speaker! Principles are fresh and dynamic for persons regardless of their station in life. A must for young adults and married individuals. Keep up the smiles and down to earth presentations. ~ (Tim Kelly Jr.)
Excellent seminar, VERY useful tools obtained! Great speaker and very entertaining. ~ (Gay Nord)
Great workshop!! I usually don't enjoy or learn from these but this was great!!! Enjoyed it as well. ~ (Pat Adams)
I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and will take all of the information into consideration. My job depends on it. ~ (Deborah W. Ponder)
Enjoyed. You gave good ideas and methods to apply to work and life. Thank you. ~ (Justin Chandler)
This was the best seminar I have ever attended and the contents were extremely helpful for dealing with people. I would like to attend rest of the three seminars offered by Dr. Bill Crawford if offered through my organization! ~ (Sushila Khakhar)
The seminar has empowered me to look at difficult people more openly. It has been a great information highway to improving my quality of life. ~ (Joyce Wildman)
Dr. Crawford made a lot of sense. It is up to us to change. ~ (Dina Rivas)
Very interesting and informative. Will help me from today to shape up myself in my thought and understanding of how to deal with fellow human beings better. ~ (Caroline Azuogu)
Good - Excellent - Super - Enjoyable - Informative! ~ (Hugh L. Mixon)
I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot from this workshop. I sincerely believe that our work environment will benefit. ~ (Donna Baylous)
I look forward to experiencing the changes in our organizations as the majority of us take this seminar. ~ (Tom Boyle)
Wonderful, attention getting. You were able to connect with all participants. Let's use this info at P.S.H! ~ (Mary Jane Stubbs)
Bill has given me a new insight on how to deal with difficult people. I will try to use it and remember when situations come up. P.S. Bill is not "boring". That's good! ~ (Peggy J. Ivory)
The seminar was great! It was very interesting. It was also educational. The seminar was an eye opener for some psychological tactics which will be very effective in dealing w/ difficult people. ~ (John a. Buckman)
The seminar gave me tools to help me deal more effectively in difficult situations. Bill Crawford was very interesting and knowledgeable. ~ (Felisha Hatch)
I feel this seminar was very informative and interesting. I received a lot of documentation on dealing w/ difficult people. ~ (Monica Horsford)
Very informative and valuable. Points of seminar very helpful. Bill is very helpful. I look forward to using his techniques on the job. ~ (Patricia Basden)
Very interesting and enlightening. Learned new techniques to deal with some of the very difficult people I work with. How to teach them caring. ~ (Diane Wilson)
Very informative - very appropriate. Presented in a very enjoyable way. I would like more seminars from Dr. Crawford. ~ (Marian Feste)
Very valuable information. Dr. Crawford was very good. I would like to have him again. ~ (Clemmie)
Everyone that I spoke with had great things to say about the presentation. I look forward to reading the book and listening to the audio cassette that I purchased. We especially enjoyed the humorous way that he shared his message, and the singing was terrific! As a speaker, I know how important it is to receive feedback. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything that he should do differently. ~ (Dana Greer, RN, BSN (PENS, President))
I very much enjoyed Dr. Crawford's talk at the PENS conference. His speech definitely kept me awake, whereas a few of the classes we attended there impersonated Sominex!! He exhibited a lot of energy moving around at the front and using a nurse from the audience to write characteristics on a display board. These were good techniques to hold our attention. His presentation was excellent! I stopped by your display during the break and bought both of his books!! ~ (Carolyn Lee, R.N.)
I really enjoyed Dr. Bill's talk. His energy is contagious. I bought the 2 audio tapes and have listened to them in my vehicle numerous times since. I am very excited to receive his quotes via email also. I think he has found an approach to life in general that may help me cope with the multiple stressors of being a daughter, mother, wife, volunteer Paramedic, Practically full time Pediatric Endocrine Nurse Clinician, part-time home care nurse and now since the conference..... Pediatric Endocrine Nursing Research Fellow. When I start to feel stressed, it's great to have some extra tools in my head to deal with it and most of all prevent it. I could probably go on forever! ~ (Nicole Kirouac-Elke, NC)
I really enjoyed his presentation. We all laughed at the examples, but in reality were saying to ourselves, he is describing me. I think that he hit home with several people. Hopefully, we can all apply his advise to our everyday life. Gosh, what a better place it would be!!! ~ (Crystal Crites, LPN)
It was the highlight of the conference and a much needed lecture reminding all of us (especially women, especially nurses) to keep it all balanced for everyone's sake, but first for our own. Bill's psychology background surely protruded through his messages and I believe it was well-received by all :) ~ (Nancy Perovic, RN, BSN)
I gave him the highest ratings and requested he come back next year. ~ (Eileen Durham, MSN, PNP, RN)
Dr. Crawford opened my perspective toward things that I already knew and things that I did not know about effective customer service. From this discussion with Dr. Crawford, I now have a better understanding toward effectively handling a difficult customer, as well as handling my own reactions. Through the discussion I was able to see my strengths and weaknesses and how I can strengthen both. ~ (Mark Rachaner)
Workshop was very informative, loved how Dr. Crawford made the class fun and yet informative. A lot of useful information. Would love to have him back for future training. Information laid out nicely and easy to adapt and learn. ~ (Raul Juarez)
This was a great experience. Learning to deal with difficult people not only will help me in my professional life but also in my personal life. ~ (Mario R. Cabrera)
The course was great. I learned new ways of approaching people with a "win-win" attitude. The course subject was not new but Dr. Crawford had some fresh ideas on how to deal with difficult people. I especially like his concept on how our beliefs shape our expectations. ~ (Anonymous)
This class was a very good class due to the fact that we dealt with difficult customers and how to handle them. I have learned a great deal especially learned how to understand why the customer could be upset or frustrated and afraid of and how to choose my reaction to it, etc., etc., great training. ~ (Iris Kenney)
I felt the DISCUSSION to be very enlightening. I've learned a lot of new, resourceful information that will be of great assistance in my new career. Bill is a great speaker, and very energetic, he made the time enjoyable and fun. ~ (Nicole Murray)
I really enjoyed this class! Bill was full of energy and was very effective in helping us to understand how to apply these techniques in our everyday life. I will definitely recommend him to other organizations. ~ (Tanya Bryan)
I really did enjoy the class. It was very informative and very comical. Besides being a better representative for the company I work for, the information you taught us will help me to be a better person with coworkers and life beyond work. ~ (Sulema Gonzalez)
I thought it was an excellent class that provided me with a lot of new ideas and techniques to assist me in resolving the concerns of "difficult" customers, successfully. I appreciate Bill's honesty and way at presenting the material. ~ (Eric Ivory)
It was a very interesting workshop. You are a great speaker and got my attention all the time. Thanks! ~ (Emma Sustarta)
Thank you, Bill, you were very helpful. I love your energy! You were very focused and very helpful. ~ (Cindy Russell)
The seminar was well presented - excellent. Very helpful to communicate better w/ customers. ~ (Jose A. Fuentes)
I will take the information provided in this course and will use it daily in my professional and personal life. ~ (Nikki Marbley)
Excellent!!! I feel that I have learned a lot. I also love the idea of going for excellence instead of perfection and changing to a purposeful way in my life. Thank you. ~ (Shannette Anderson)
Great course. Presenter leads by example. He doesn't just teach, his attitude and behavior motivates and makes you learn and listen to the presentation. Please, Dr. Crawford, find a way to translate your books into Spanish that would be a great gift to my mother. Thanks for the session, it's awesome. ~ (Miguel Lucero)
Very good. Simple but clear and good information has been given to help this training course. Good tools that encourage learning and dealing with the daily life's things. ~ (Gladys Liliana Wood)
First of all I enjoyed the presentation because Bill kept the audience going. Questions were made and asked, always responded in a positive manner and I would recommend this speaker to any other organization. ~ (Alfredo Celi)
Bill, there is always something to learn and I certainly have AND I enjoyed your training class. Talk about ''ENERGY."! ~ (Linora Rivera-Howard)
This is an excellent seminar and Bill is a wonderful speaker and maybe Reliant should purchase his book "All Stressed Up & Nowhere To Go" so that when an employee feels that he or she's in a rut, they can refresh their thinking habits. ~ (Linda Rodriguez)
I have learned some insight and wisdom. Bill touched issues that will help me in various areas of my life. ~ (Nora Reyna)
I have attended several stress/difficult seminars. This was by far the best I have ever had. Info was great, flow of class and materials went great. Bill was excellent. I can see where his classes should be thought on wide scale. ~ (Gina K. Hilley)
I really enjoyed the session. I will be applying this in my day to day activities. My favorite part 'you don't always have to agree to understand'. ~ (Sheila Lebari)
Fun, interactive and very informative. Bill's energy is extremely refreshing. ~ (Kara St. Cyr)
This was great! A great reminder and class that helped us to understand the customer. Would love to have classes on change, motivation, time management. ~ (Elizabeth Cerda)
This was a very informative class. I feel everyone can learn something to enrich everyone's personal and professional life. It was great. Thank you! ~ (Ginger Allman)
The class was great. Bill is a wonderful speaker. He said a lot of things that I was aware of but put them in a way that I could apply them. ~ (Shanka L. Hall)
I found the presentation very informative and useful for my work environment and also for my personal. Thanks for the information, it was great. By the way it was a great slide show as well. ~ (LaVeishia Hicks)
This class was very helpful not only to my work performance but to everyday life. Thanks for coming. ~ (Donnielle Smither)
I enjoyed your seminar. It was informative and enthusiastic. Your technique is smooth and attention getting. ~ (Sakia Love)
Very positive and refreshing. I enjoyed every minute. Very interesting and educational. ~ (Stella S. Benjamin)
Bill, thanks! This was a wonderful course not only will it help enhance us as professionals but also personally. I stated that because it will allow us to be better at our jobs (clear thinking - stress free, etc.)... I would encourage RELIANT to invite you back for additional classes. Your class was great. ~ (Tangeaul Smith)
Bill has shared "life changing" information which can be applied to our professional and personal lives. His delivery was excellent and I am hopeful he will come back and train other areas which can benefit us. ~ (Patricia Fudge)
Well, after attending several of these workshops over the years, I didn't think I would come away with something I hadn't already heard. I was wrong! I found this very entertaining as well as informative. ~ (Sherry Scheck)
I feel that you were a dynamic speaker with a lot of energy. ~ (Dimitri Pierce)
I was very impressed with the material presented. It was thought provoking. The material also reminded you of the traps you could be caught in and how to create a win-win situation. ~ (Beverly Crowder)
Very educational and enlightening. I would highly recommend this course to everybody. ~ (Larry Spriggs)
It was an excellent seminar! I see a need in many high schools across our nation for motivational speakers to help young people with stress factors. ~ (Sandra K. Kokosz)
I think that this session was very helpful in dealing with stress in my everyday life, at home or at work. Thank you! ~ (Melinda McCoy)
I really liked the training. It was uplifting for me. It made me feel better about my job and life itself. ~ (Belinda Rollins)
Great - very helpful and interesting. Glad they arranged these meetings. ~ (Mary Claussen)
I am enjoying these learning sessions. I feel that they are very helpful in my personal life as well as at work. ~ (Johnnie Williams)
I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Crawford. He is great. ~ (Gail Fischer)
Helps me a lot, if it works in a tight spot. Very interesting. Thank you! ~ (Danny Danford)
Excellent training. Bill is a great teacher and motivator. Chain-O-Lakes should be proud to have him out here. These training programs are very much needed. ~ (Shelia Huddleston)
Very interesting as well as entertaining. Should be helpful while dealing with customer satisfaction. ~ (Pam Patterson)
I feel I will be able to deal with my life better now. Thanks for the class. ~ (Donna Byrd)
The time and effort that was put into this teaching on positive life skills shows me that Chain-O-Lakes (The Retreat at Artesian Lakes) cares about their employees. ~ (Terry Tucker)
I think this will be very helpful to the company. Also Dr. Crawford is very funny. ~ (Jeannie Cater)
It is good for an individual to let one stop and take care of one's self. ~ (David McGee)
I came this morning feeling bad. Now I feel better because of Dr. Bill. Thank you God for helping me make it here today. He has been such an inspiration to me. ~ (Betty Touchet)
I really enjoyed this meeting. Looking forward to the next. ~ (Joyce Crowe)
I enjoyed the entire presentation. Very helpful and insightful. I will certainly use what I learned today in my personal and professional life. I especially liked the way you incorporated personal stories in your talk. You're sincere, obviously thoughtful and caring. All the best to you. Thank you for sharing! ~ (Mary Margaret Washington)
This seminar was very uplifting. This cannot only apply for work but it also can apply away from work, i.e. home. ~ (Kenneth L. Simmons, Jr.)
Excellent and energetic workshop - made me think about stress differently. ~ (M. Christy Panis)
Productive workshop - looking forward to the "Dealing with Difficult People" presentation. ~ (Jeanne Keogh)
This is great! The most fun I've had here at work in a really long time. It's like you were talking about my life - but I see now I'm not the only one who feels this way. ~ (Debbie Kelley)
Thank you for coming to our company and for sharing the information with us. I hope to utilize some of the models to help me in my daily life at work and at home. ~ (Beverly Harris)
Great presentation. I really think I'm taking useful information away from this seminar. ~ (Kathy Hart)
Great workshop. I'd love to see Dr. Crawford do more of these - what I learned was applicable at work and at home. He is so entertaining and informative. ~ (Sharon Hresko)
I love your classes! Thanks! ~ (Karen Frazier)
Great workshop!! I love when Shell puts these together. ~ (Carolyn Sims)
Excellent approach; I liked having a the seminar at a time that more of us can attend. ~ (Theresa Vincent)
Great workshop! I love your energy. ~ (Marcia Pearson)
Good stuff. Needed more time for internalizing. ~ (Joyce Woodward)
Good job - well worth the time - would encourage coworkers to attend. ~ (Mark D. Wade)
I enjoy your style! ~ (L. T. Pattschull)
One word ......AWESOME! It is very important to me to sit through training that truly has relativity to work.......and this type of training has very good relativity to what we do. Thank you! ~ (Barry Myers)
Bill - it was good seeing you again. It's been 1-l/2 years since we met. Your energy and devotion to our company is appreciated. Thank you for your energy. ~ (Mike Wilson)
Reinforced that the reasons I came here still exist in abundance. ~ (Richard Ingolia)
Very good. Look forward to next sessions. Great teamwork exercise Want this at branch level. ~ (Paul Fontenot)
Very interesting. It taught me some good communications ideas. Fast paced and made it fun. ~ (Curtis Overall)
Good exercise. Saw everyone work well together. Everyone got involved without causing chaos. Managed to be efficient. ~ (Jeff Lundberg)
Your ability to involve the whole team is extraordinary. Team involvement is key to our success and any help in getting people to open and honest communication is the base to continue our growth. ~ (Chris Roscart)
Great exercise. I was encouraged (and surprised) by our success. ~ (Jim Howser)
This is an eye opener to how the dynamics of S.D. plays in the success of an organization. ~ (David Wells)
Learned a lot about teamwork. Time went by fast. Enjoyed the exercises. Bill has a great understanding of Sprint. Already bought your book. ~ (Sandra Graham)
Thank you! You wove our goals into the exercise very well. ~ (Paul Cali)
I'd like to see "teamwork activities" brought to each local branch. It's a great experience! ~ (Lance Wallace)
Activity based teaming is a great way to bond and build a team. Teaching the teams to facilitate these activities should be a great value added to the meetings. ~ (Ken Lewis)
It was great seeing what happens in new hire. The exercise was excellent!!! ~ (Richard Lore)
I really enjoyed the presentation! Lots of fun!! ~ (Fawnya Doiron)
Great! Very informative and entertaining. ~ (Jewell Reid)
Very good - thanks for sharing with us! ~ (Katie Necroto)
Thanks - very helpful view of life/stress! ~ (Nicci Sevier)
You were great!! It made me realize a lot of the things that I've done wrong and that I can change. This was one of the best presentations I've ever attended. ~ (LaToya Ingram)
I came in today even though I was in a car accident because I knew we had this seminar. It turns out it was very much worth it. Thanks for your humorous, sensitive approach. ~ (Melody Cooper)
I really enjoyed your presentation. I am so glad I came today. I had called in sick with a severe migraine headache - something told me to come anyway to my class. I learned so much - the most important thing was to relax. I left without a headache. ~ (Angelina H. Parra)
Kudos Bill! I never thought it would be so good! ~ (Michele Smith)
Well done. It's nice to see someone who's not afraid to get up, move around, and use humor to get others to laugh in order to engage them - a refreshing change. ~ (Melanie Moorshead)
I thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon. Thank you for this valuable tool to assist me with my everyday life. ~ (Lynn D. Daniel)
Thank you for all your help. I really enjoyed it and made me forget about my stress and relax for a while. Thank you again. ~ (Martha Arrazolo)
I enjoyed your presentation and I would like to attend ALL of the courses that you facilitate. Please send me a list of the courses that you are involved in. I will recommend your class to everyone I know. Thanks for the tools and God Bless. ~ (Sharon R. Grady)
I'm glad I chose to attend this presentation. I've been wanting answers on how to handle stress, in order to be a better person and the most positive attitude. ~ (Melinda Michael Freeman)
Excellent presentation - you gave me more insight into my reactions to situations. Looking forward to more. ~ (Kathy O'Bannion)
Wonderful speaker and very inspiring. Please bring him back. ~ (Sammye L. Moore)
Good class - enjoyed and appreciate the information. Information very useful and relevant. ~ (Ozelia Walton)
I realized that I have the power and ability to change certain things. And, I really connected to your talk on forgiveness and what it's really all about. I feel I can apply a lot of the information to my work and personal experiences. Gained some new perspective. ~ (Kate Leggins Howard)
A great value - really reinforced some of the practices I've tried to incorporate in my life. ~ (Lauretta Knight)
Very valuable to me professionally and personally. Good information and an excellent presentation. ~ (Nan Duhon)
We need to continue this and bring this to others in our office. Thank you! ~ (Linda Korb)
Wonderful session - thank you very much. It was fun. Valuable because it taught me wonderful tools to manage stress and not have it manage me. ~ (Stephanie Young)
Excellent! Good angle on stress, energetic, engaging presenter. ~ (Jennifer Covington)
Excellent presentation - very energetic and funny, very valuable. I deal with these issues daily and am trying to find way to relieve stress. ~ (Susan Alanis)
Great delivery! Informative. Gave me a good sense of how to use the stressors in my life into a positive. Thank you! ~ (Karen Jones)
I appreciated seeing an old situation in a new light. ~ (Susan McJilton)
Thought it was wonderful. Everything that was said can be applied to all aspects of life. Will be very valuable in my work place. ~ (Angelica Garza)
Thank you so much. I look forward to the positive changes I will make in my life. ~ (Delia A. Whitlow)
This program will change my life. ~ (Sumalee Bruce)
Very entertaining and informative. I feel it presented a new way of working at both stressful situations and the ways to handle stressful things and people. ~ (Joi Holcomb)
Wonderful - Helpful - Very positive and motivating! Glad I was able to attend. Gave me a new perspective on 'life'. ~ (Nancy L. Young)
Very helpful! I feel encouraged to try and put the learning techniques in motion. ~ (Karrie Probst)
Interesting concepts and procedures. Can see usefulness of technique. ~ (Rick Shannon)
Outstanding and motivating presentation - most enjoyable!. ~ (Lou Ann Marrs)
Thank you for helping myself realize that stress can be dealt with in a calm and rational way. ~ (Bryan Taylor)
Thank you - very valuable presentation, important to me at this time in my life. ~ (Marilyn J. Hill)
I gained a new insight into my actions and reactions which will benefit me in all my interactions. ~ (Sherry Wunsch)
Thanks for helping me realize that I have been doing things right and giving me more tools to work with!l ~ (Sandra Hall)
Bill is a fabulous speaker. His voice is very soothing yet his personality is very uplifting and humorous. Great presentation. Would refer him to others. ~ (Stacey Binder)
It's wonderful to finally dissect our stressors, understand them and then take appropriate steps to deal with them. You've given me POWER to use my BRAIN. Thank you. ~ (Patsy Gacrama)
Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. You made it fun at the same time bringing this to "real life" situations. Thanks. ~ (Lidia Vogelsang)
A very insightful and though provoking presentation. Good presentation skills, not boring at all. Very applicable. I look forward to any other presentations. ~ (Philippa Jenkins)
I feel that you were very creative in making your point and feel this class will help to deal with the stress currently in my life. I am always willing to improve myself and my life. ~ (Dishuanna Morgan)
This presentation was excellent! Most interesting and entertaining. ~ (Ann Cole)
Very enjoyable! You definitely have a way with people. ~ (Terie McClintock)
Very helpful. I'm a "giver" and a "fixer" but realize I need to focus more on myself and other things will fall in line. ~ (Louise Huck)
Bill, this was the greatest presentation I have attended. I feel you are a wonderful instructor. Keep up the good work. ~ (Yolanda L. Mathes)
This was very enlightening. I have learned much from this course. I think now I can go back to work with some type of tool to relieve my daily stress. ~ (Tena M. Horton)
Your remarks regarding the BRAIN and POWER models help information sink in and start people on the right track to behavior change. Thanks. ~ (Paula Moynihan)
Very informative, relaxed with interchange with group. Great job!!! I have been to a few classes as this one, but by far this one is the best I have ever been in. You opened up some very valuable doors for me. Thanks! ~ (Carolyn Hitzfelp)
Thank you very much for your incredible spirit, energy, wisdom and innovative information. You have an extraordinary gift and the plus of it is that you are using it in a great way and for a wonderful purpose. ~ (Kim A. Klipfel)
This was very beneficial. I learned I need to live my dreams so I can fulfill my purposes. In order to fulfill my purpose, I need to take responsibility. I also learned to focus on the solution, not the problem. You have changed my life and I have a new way of positive thinking. ~ (Wanda Snowton)
I enjoyed your lecture. You have really given me something to really think about and try to apply to my own personal life. Thank you for the pleasant afternoon. Your method of teaching was enjoyable and fun. ~ (Rhonda Almond)
I really enjoyed the seminar and drew from your high energy level. Thanks for all the definition of responsibility. ~ (Beverly Underwood)
Enjoyed. Very helpful to define purpose of job and career. Recognize cycle of frustrations and problems and solutions then on a different level of awareness. ~ (Paula Crawford)
Had a great time and enjoyed learning from you and will take and try to use all I have learned. ~ (Marilyn J. Welsh)
Very entertaining. Great material and good questions to get us thinking of what our real responsibilities and priorities should be. ~ (Glenda Martin)
Thanks for reinforcing so many of my beliefs. ~ (Joan Behrenbruch)
Wonderful seminar! Have a wonderful future - ON PURPOSE. ~ (Judy Tucker)
You are the first person I've met who is actually "more hyper" than me.! Congratulations. ~ (Lisa Futrell)
Your high energy makes it so easy to listen to you. ~ (Ginger Cade)
Thanks for responding to my question. I have always worked with disadvantaged persons (youth). I will be able to use this positive message on POWER. ~ (Maggie J. Belmarez)
I was so stressed when I came, yet you helped me identify why I am in the helping profession. Thanks for helping me identify my purpose and visually see how stress effects everything. I love the serenity prayer. It has been my motto since my mom taught me - very long ago. Thanks! ~ (Bethann T. Hargrove)
You are a wonderfully dynamic speaker who has given me food for thought for everyday. What a marvelous person you are in the world. Wow! Super refreshing. ~ (Lynn M. Rogers)
Really helped me see how my beliefs I had from my family influences my actions and how I can choose the ones that have a positive effect and change the negative. ~ (Marcheita Corley)
You were great! You brought out some points in a way I hadn't thought of. (Optimism, responsibility) Thanks! ~ (Leslie Hargus)
I really appreciate the wonderful lesson/seminar you taught us today about "life" and "living". Feels good to know that the 12 step program is so popular. ~ (Sandra Toombs)
This has been inspirational for my personal and spiritual life. Thank you. I know I will benefit from the things I've learned today. Sharing this info will help others grow! ~ (Jean Pickett)
Thank you very much. I felt your workshop was extremely educational from a professional perspective and certainly helpful from a personal one. ~ (Janene Dolloff)
Really great! Captured and maintained the audience. ~ (Kathy Richards)
Lively and upbeat. First training session with this organization that was valuable. ~ (Bob Westring)
Very thought provoking. Feel I will use your material in business and personal life. ~ (Sally Eveland)
Enjoy all your wisdom and the workshop was very good and helpful! ~ (Amy Tunnell)
Very stimulating. Like your style and message. ~ (Charlie Gonzales)
I found your program interesting and easy to listen to. You made some very good points that I feel will be helpful to me and my situation. ~ (Marilyn Chism)
I am so glad your dad recovered before you were born and that you use your experience to help people go beyond survival and learn to choose love and life. This training has been very insightful for me since I am trying to set a new purpose for my marriage based on love/acceptance, not fear. The lemon example was extremely helpful in understanding power of imagination! ~ (Sandra K. Bridges)
This presentation is very useful and excellent in handling patients who are difficult. I learned a lot from this presentation which was very useful in my field of interest. ~ (Albert Oncog)
The presentation has been meaningful. This will certainly help in my daily personal and professional life. ~ (Albertha Senior)
It is a very good presentation. I was alert all the time because you keep it very interesting. ~ (Ana Moss)
You've been a very great speaker. You've made my purpose in my daily work life more clearer. ~ (Claire Sabio)
I thought it was very interesting and useful and valuable!!! ~ (Elaine Koons)
It helped me be more aware of who I really am and how I dealt with people and situations. ~ (Evelyn Gonzales)
This presentation was very worth while because of the multi-faceted knowledge and information Bill shared with us. ~ (Fe Valen)
Very helpful with my everyday dealing with customers, esp. difficult customers. ~ (Gloria M.)
God Bless! This should be an annual presentation at Columbia/WHMC. ~ (Gloria Mann)
You were great, thanks Bill!! He's great HR for WHMC. ~ (Hannah Kumakeh)
Bill was entertaining, energetic and motivating. ~ (Jackie)
Excellent. ~ (Karen Moon)
Extremely informative and will help me in my daily life. I appreciate this and I needed to "re-boot" my attitude toward everything. Thank you! ~ (Kim Birch)
Thanks for your help. I enjoyed your presentation. Is really uplifting, I hope to see you again. ~ (Linda Ganiyu)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. You are doing a great job! See you next time. ~ (Linus Gomez)
Excellent!! More practical easy to understand - fun and absolutely REAL! ~ (Luisa Jumalon)
Very simple. Very informative, easy to implement because I can apply it to my personal life. ~ (Maria Vergara)
He is one of the best speakers I have ever listened to. Keep up the good job. You made my day. ~ (Marian Sesay)
Good job. Keep it up. Very impressive. 100%! ~ (Marjorie Mcmillon)
You are great! I learned a lot on your topics. Hope to see you in the future. It's really valuable in dealing with our daily life. ~ (Mary Ann Custovio)
Best presentation I have ever attended! This will be useful in my life and dealing with difficult people. ~ (Mary Joseph)
I enjoyed the presentation - let's do it again! ~ (Melinda Morrow)
I thought the presentation was very valuable. I think it should be mandatory that all employees attend. The only thing I foresee is it is so easy to slide back into the old ways and to keep reinforcing our purpose acts. Thanks! ~ (Meredith Clardy)
This presentation gives us professional ways to deal with other people. ~ (Nelda Bullostes)
This presentation has taught me how to respond to customers problems to save time and make them happy. Also help me to deal with life problems in general. ~ (Anonymous)
Recommend him. Uses real life situations to illustrate his teachings. Good job! ~ (Pat)
Excellent presentation. Valuable coping mechanisms and tools to improve yourself. I can see a need by having this program to be the tools to drive our customer service program. ~ (Paula Reed)
He shows us not just how to be professional and courteous etc. but he encourages us to make it a way of life, which is more applicable in life (at work or home). Thanks. ~ (Rebecca Kim)
This is a very helpful presentation for us not only for the patient's satisfaction but for our own self. It helps us to realize that we have a purpose and to be positive in a stressful situation. ~ (Rubyann Friginal)
You did a great job!! Very informative and make our life easier, of course our job. God bless. ~ (Sheilla Tebio)
We'll need this next year!! Very fulfilling - we know these things but need reminding every once in a while. ~ (Shirley Westbrook)
It is very interesting and educational presentation. I heard so many new things to how to improve my nursing career. It is really worthwhile. Thank you for giving me an excellent opportunity to attending this class. ~ (Suga George)
Your lecture was perfect. ~ (Tayo Dpole)
Thank you for all the input, the tricks to keep my focus on patient's satisfaction and the same time not overloading myself with all the stress in dealing with it. ~ (Virginia Rodil)
This presentation has been so valuable and quite educational. It has enlightened me more on human relationships. Thanks to Bill for all the ideas and solutions! ~ (Wilmore Ola)
U.S. Army letter of recommendation ~ (Paul Drew)
Just want to take this opportunity to express my thoughtfulness of an extraordinary presentations that Dr. Bill presented to us at our Annual Professional Development Day at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. We have had many speakers from the outsiders in the past, but non, according to my judgement, that exceed of Dr. Bill's. If I have to rate Dr. Bill from 1 to 5 I would give him a HOOAH! HIGH FIVE! Thanks! ~ (Phuoc "Van" Le)
I thought Dr. C was hysterically funny, yet delivered very thought-provoking comments with helpful and doable techniques. I enjoyed the session and came away with good stuff. Thanks for asking and have a great day! ~ (Linda Tarnowski)
I found Dr. Crawford's presentation of "Beyond Customer Service" to be enthusiastic as well as informative. He made a very serious topic a lot of fun. I would be interested in seeing him again in the future. ~ (Dawn Clappsy)
Want you to know, and Dr. Crawford too, that I thought the presentation was most interesting and informative. That was a first time presentation of this nature for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. How anyone could condense his program into an hour and keep it so lively is really impressive. ~ (Jean Lynott)
Enjoyed your session (Should have been opening keynote, not closing keynote)! Maybe interested in getting you as a speaker for a corporate event. ~ (Mark Duncan)
Very good topic and presentation. ~ (C. W. Stevenson)
Great job! Thanks for your energy. ~ (Hannis Prince, Jr.)
Your presentation was great!! ~ (Latasha Sims)
Very animated! Great information! ~ (Cynthia S. Stewart)
Thanks. Enjoyable and enlightening. ~ (Jerry Lapides)
Congratulations. You did a great presentation. Very useful and practical. ~ (Julio Munoz)
I really enjoyed your closing keynote. Congratulations for a great presentation! ~ (Pat Hiett)