Top of the Mind Inventory™

For those of you who like to quantify the degree to which you are coming from your most productive part of your brain, Dr. Crawford has created a short test, or inventory that should be helpful. Keep in mind, however, that unlike most instruments of this kind, the Top of the Mind Inventory (TMI) does not attempt to get at what you "really think” by asking the same question in many different ways. Nor is there an attempt to keep someone from skewing the results to make themselves "look good.”

The thing to remember in taking the TMI is that all you are going for here is awareness. No one but you will see the results, and thus, this is not the time to worry about whether or not you come out with a "good score” (a brainstem concern, by the way). As the good Dr. Einstein said, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them,” and so you are encouraged to use this instrument and your results as "good information” about what part of your brain is driving your thoughts, decisions, and emotions.

The Top of the Mind Inventory™

Created by Bill Crawford, Ph.D.

In response to the statements that follow, please choose one of these five responses from the drop down menu: